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Raise The Bar

Boost your performance at work and raise the bar! This helps prepare yourself for the future and does not hurt to get noticed at work for your hard work and tenacity.

You can do this by learning from your peers, Maybe your coworker a few seats down has a keen eye for detail or is great at technical writing. Be alert and willing to carve out some time to learn from them.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Are you letting things that do not pertain to your job get to you and effecting your job performance? Let it go.

Expand your circle. Have lunch with people you do not normally eat with. Networking within your organization may help in future opportunities.

Level up and do higher-level work. Look at more responsibility as an investment into the value you bring to the table. Taking on other projects or helping others with theirs, shows you are a team player.

Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. This will help transform a negative mindset into a positive one.

Be more strategic by contributing your unique values to the organization so that your attributes and skills shine.

Raise. The. Bar.